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Headstones & Plaques – Pricelist, Gallery and Designs | …

Headstones & Plaques – Pricelist, Gallery and Designs We specialise in sculpting indigenous hard stones and have a large selection of materials from New Zealand soil, where the spirit and mana of this country resides. These include marble, granite, sandstone, basalt, limestone and much more. We ensure that every headstone is a …

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Deco Granite: Our Products

Natural products come in a variety of different veins and patterns, those characteristics make Granite unique and elegant. Our suppliers have the latest products in town and we highly recommend you to visit them to see a large variety of colors and sizes, here you will find some of them:

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Decomposed Granite (Deco) /Tonne - Filling & …

Deco or decomposed granite is finey crushed and a compactible type yellow/golden granite. Quite commonly used in areas where a firm surface is required but left exposed like driveways or pathways where a more visually appealing finished is required..
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